Tammy Ritterskamp

Tammy Ritterskamp

Hey there! I'm Tammy Ritterskamp, a front-end web developer living and working in St. Louis. I've been building websites since IE6 png hacks were a thing. My web career has afforded me opportunities to work in news media, higher education, client services and currently e-commerce.

I'm obsessed with problem solving. Growing up, I was the friend who'd volunteer to untangle the tricky knots in your shoe laces or parallel park your car. I'm constantly trying to improve my approach and find new or more efficient ways to solve a challenge.

When I'm not coding, my husband and I work on our pet project, petjunkie.com where we bring unique pet products to market.

You can find me in all the usual social places:
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CSS Baby Shower Card

May 16, 2020

A few weeks ago, I attended a baby shower on Zoom. Under past circumstances, I would have spent 20 minutes in the card aisle at a store…

Code Jam No. 8 - Birthdays

April 17, 2020

Every month or so at work, our dev team holds an optional code challenge. This month is birthdays!