2020 Lifelines

December 31, 2020

Usually I keep my end of year reflections to myself, but this year I’m missing human connection and want to share a list of 10 things that have brought me joy and helped get me through this very weird 2020.

In no particular order:

  1. Ted Lasso on Apple TV - I was underwhelmed by the trailer because sports aren’t really my thing, but I soon discovered this is not a sports show. This is joy in its purest form and it made me laugh and cry so many happy tears.
  2. Happier with Gretchen Rubin - A podcast all about happiness, habits and human nature. When I’ve felt deprived of organic “water cooler” conversation, this has been the lifeline I needed. It always leaves me inspired with simple practical ideas to make life a little happier and more whimsical.
  3. Backyard Hangs 🤙 - A Spotify playlist I made this summer. It’s a pretty mixed bag of new stuff and old stuff, but I’m still enjoying it.
  4. Re-reading books you loved when you were younger - Mine were Where the Red Fern Grows and The Outsiders. It’s been interesting to think about why I loved these books as a kid and how they sit with me now years later.
  5. Yoga with Adriene - Back in April when we were adjusting to working from home, a coworker asked if anyone wanted to do a 30 day at home yoga challenge. I jumped in and have stuck with Adriene’s videos since then. I love that she does not take herself too seriously and makes yoga fun and feel good.
  6. Sleep with Me - I’ve found myself wide awake at 3am more nights this year than ever before. Turning on this podcast has been so helpful in distracting my brain from overthinking and eventually getting back to sleep.
  7. Bullet Journal - I started a Bullet Journal last January and I kept up with it all year long. Now I have a daily log of every single day of 2020 and I’m sure it will be invaluable to look back on in the future.
  8. Budget Bytes - This has been my go-to website for meal planning all year. The recipes are easy, cheap and delicious and it’s a breeze to navigate and find new ideas by cuisine, protein, type of dish, etc.
  9. Marco Polo - A video chat app for staying connected with other humans on your schedule and without the Zoom fatigue.
  10. JackboxTV games - Fun party games to make your Zoom hangs a little more entertaining!

Maybe you liked some of these things too or maybe you’ll enjoy them in 2021. I’d love to hear your recommendations as well.

Happy New Year’s Eve, catch you in 2021!

Tammy Ritterskamp

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