Code Jam No. 8 - Birthdays

April 17, 2020

Every month or so at work, our dev team does an optional code challenge. We call it a Code Jam - there’s a theme, we meet over lunch, and whoever has something to share does a little show and tell of what they’ve made.

There’s no pressure to participate – a lot of months I don’t have it together enough to make something in time. And that’s ok! Everyone is cool with everyone having lives outside of coding. 😊

Even if I haven’t made something, I always show up because someone always has something to share and I always leave feeling inspired and having learned something new. It’s a neat way to connect and learn about each others’s outside-of-work interests too because those things tend to make appearances in these types of projects.

This week we’re celebrating some birthdays on our team, so that was the theme. I put together a Codepen with the help of some other awesome code examples out in the wild (links in the Codepen SCSS comments). It was a blast to make; I forgot how much I enjoy playing with animation!

Here’s the silly little diddy I made (with a nod to one of my fave TV shows, The Office):

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