Tammy Ritterskamp

Low Barrier to Entry

September 07, 2019

By golly, I’ve done it. I’ve started a blog.

For years and years I’ve thought and overthought about creating a space for myself to write about web development and I’ve taken exactly zero action on it until now.

I set aside an entire Saturday to try and figure out how to build a site with a GatsbyJS front end + WordPress back end, just so I’d have a place to put down ideas when they come to me.

I figured in an afternoon’s time I could probably get a decent start and make some meaningful progress. At the very least, I’d learn a little more about GatsbyJS, which I’ve been super curious about.

Shortly into my research, I learned I didn’t need to use WordPress as a CMS in order to spin up a blog with Gatsby, I could power my blog with just markdown files! In fact, Gatsby has a blog starter project for exactly this purpose.

I came across Dave Ceddia’s post, Start a Blog in 2019 with Gatsby.js and Netlify and I was up and authoring this very post in minutes!

Color me impressed so far by Gatsby and its ultra low barrier to entry.

I chose to take the path of least resistance to get this dang thing going and I think that’s important. I’ve started and stopped a lot of projects I was initially really excited about because configuration details or other yak shaving tasks eventually kill that initial flame of excitement.

I still intend to figure out how to hook this up with a WordPress CMS over time, but for now I’m super stoked that I have a place to write about these things I’m learning as I learn them!

Tammy Ritterskamp

Hey there! I'm Tammy Ritterskamp, a front-end web developer living and working in St. Louis. I've been building websites since IE6 png hacks were a thing. My web career has afforded me opportunities to work in news media, higher education, client services and currently e-commerce.

I'm obsessed with problem solving. Growing up, I was the friend who'd volunteer to untangle the tricky knots in your shoe laces or parallel park your car. I'm constantly trying to improve my approach and find new or more efficient ways to solve a challenge.

When I'm not coding, my husband and I work on our pet project, petjunkie.com where we bring unique pet products to market.

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